Long-range planning committee

Planning for the May 2017 bond was a thorough process involving information-gathering, research and community input.


Developing the recommendation that would become the bond proposal, the Long Range
Planning Committee (LRPC) met eight times over four months studying and prioritizing Northwest ISD’s long-term facility needs. The committee was comprised of individuals representing the diversity and multifaceted interest within the community, including parents, non-parents, teachers, district staff, community leaders, business owners and more.


The committee was charged to represent the entire community in developing a recommendation to the Board of Trustees while considering the educational needs of all students and aligning with the district’s mission, vision and goals. These citizens dedicated their time, thoughts and resources to develop a plan for creating and maintaining learning environments for all Northwest ISD students.


The LRPC reviewed a variety of information including demographic projections, safety and security issues, deficiencies in existing facilities, student program needs, community survey results and financial analysis of bonding capacity and tax impact scenarios. Upon completion
of their analysis, members reached unanimous consensus on a recommendation to the
Board of Trustees to call for a bond election.

Read more about the LRPC and the planning process on the committee’s website.


Elizabeth Arnett

Heather Bailey

Kim Blackburn

Mike Blankenship

Scott Blattner

David Carothers, Jr.

Sandy Conklin

Shannon Darby

Darin Davis

Amy Donoho

Jim Dougherty

Brandie Doughtie

Christy Dovers

Tammy Eck

Dave Edstrom

Rhonda Funk

Russell Gage

Bill Haines

Taylor Harrington

Tracy Henderson

Jason Jacobs

Todd M. Kindel

Sarah Matt

Ron Myers

Michael Ortman

Carrie Renteria

Lisa Rodgers

Camille Schluter


Jennifer Skelton

Michelle Smith

Kelly Trisko

Jennifer Washam

Cynthia Webber

Jessica Wilde

Bert Wilhelm

Stephanie Winquest

Jamie Winters-Johnson

Jamie Woodward

Early Voting: April 24 – May 2, 2017   Election Day: May 6, 2017  Register to vote by April 6, 2017.