district wide


Four New Elementary Schools: $131,172,000

Construction of a replacement Haslet Elementary and the district’s 19th, 20th, and 21st new elementary schools to accommodate projected growth at the elementary level over the next five years. Each elementary school will be built to a capacity of 850 students, making the replacement Haslet school 200 students larger than the existing, for a total of 2,750 additional student seats.


(Elementary #18 is being funded from 2012 bond savings.)


NISD is growing by an additional 500-600 new elementary students per year. The district continually monitors growth and new housing development across the district. The specific timing and location for each new campus will be determined as the district looks to address the greatest need for additional elementary capacity as it occurs.


Three Elementary School Expansions: $15,346,000

Construction of three elementary school expansions to bring 600-student campuses up to the 850 student elementary-size model. Each expansion will provide an additional capacity of 200 students for a total of 600 additional student seats. The specific timing and location for each expansion will be determined as the district looks to address the greatest need for additional elementary capacity as it occurs.


Land Acquisition: $18,000,000

Funds to purchase future school sites to accommodate projected growth across NISD


Aged Furniture Replacement: $2,790,000

Replace furniture over 20 years old across the district


District-Wide Safety & Security Upgrades: $14,100,000

Entrance & Reception Area Improvements

  • Uniform platform at every campus with approach camera and buzzer and reception area security enhancements

Door Hardware Upgrades

  • Replace door hardware on classroom doors with intruder function hardware

Access Control Improvements & Intrusion Alarms

  • Automated lockdown with agency notification

Security Cameras

  • Replacement cycle, right-sizing replacements, additional needs and storage replacement

Intercom System & Phone System Improvements

  • Replace obsolete intercom head-in, replace phone system for lockdown and notification capabilities as well as upgrades to new standards


District-Wide Technology Upgrades: $37,400,000

Technology Infrastructure & District Backbone

  • Fiber and cabling standards upgrades and replacements; Wi-Fi for 1:1; equipment closet UPS, power and AC upgrades; network operations and equipment growth; new construction fiber

Student Device Refresh

  • New devices for student growth and device replacement for 22 thousand students

Teacher & Staff Device Refresh

  • Classroom and office device replacement - includes printers, scanners, laptops, desktops

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Growth

  • Addition seat capacity to help facilitate long term cost reductions for lab replacements as well as enhance student access from home


District Aquatic Center: $31,066,000

Construction of a District Aquatic Center to serve all grades and include an Olympic-sized pool, diving well, spectator seating,
dressing rooms and office.


NISD is one of the few districts in the area that does not have an aquatic facility. The district currently rents use of Keller ISD’s natatorium for swimming and diving, which limits practice time for students and requires them to travel out of district. NISD spends approximately $75,000 annually to rent the facility and transport students. Keller ISD’s availability is diminishing as it expands its programs and rents to club teams, and these scheduling constraints further limit practice time for NISD students.


A District Aquatic Center would allow NISD to grow its high school swimming and diving program, which currently has 95 student athlete participants. NISD would plan to ultimately expand the program to middle school. This facility would also allow NISD to host its own meets, implement an elementary water safety program, and offer community use for programs such as year-round swim lessons and lifeguard training. Potential rental fees to outside swim clubs and events would offset operational costs.


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